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An open invitation to citizens, change makers, food activists, bike enthusiast, social entreprenuers, innovative companies and NGO’s to engage during this years C40 Mayors Summit October 9-12, 2019.

The C40 Mayors Summit 2019 will take place October 9-12 in Copenhagen. The aim of the Summit is to showcase solutions, innovations and share best practices for how we shape great urban life and liveability while lowering our carbon emissions.

At Tivoli Congress Center Mayors and city delegates will meet for the Mayors Summit October. At ‘Industriens Hus’ Businesses and City delegates will meet for the City & Business Summit.

Cities and businesses can do a lot but we can only truly shape great urban life and reduce carbon emissions if we all as citizens and consumers start to ‘Live like tomorrow’. At City Hall, Rådhuspladsen, Vester Voldgade and Blox we invite YOU to help us showcase, envision and discuss how we can all ‘Live like tomorrow’.

We have identified the following themes for now. Each theme is selected because it represents an area where:

A) we as urban individuals can remarkably reduce our CO2-emissions
B) Copenhagen has an existing stronghold or needs to engage further
C) we have a great community of change-makers and companies willing to engage

The deadline for submitting proposals has passed and we are now processing the ideas. We thank all who submitted ideas for Live Like Tomorrow.

The following thematic meetings were carried out:

Dress Like Tomorrow
29/3 kl. 09.00-11.00

Play like tomorrow
29/3 kl. 14.00-16.00

Travel like Tomorrow
2/4 kl. 09.00-11.00

Eat Like Tomorrow
8/4 kl. 14.00-16.00

Move like tomorrow
9/4 kl. 09.00-11.00

Professional events: (i.e. Build, Plan & Design Like tomorrow?)
8/5 kl. 14.00-16.00

We hope that you and your organisation will help make this year’s C40 Mayors Summit a manifestation of hope, dreams, examples, solutions, showcases and honest and engaging debates about how we can all start living like tomorrow.