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About Live Like Tomorrow

The time is now. For climate action as everyday choice.

For living better lives with smaller footprints.

The future belongs to all of us. It is shaped by how we live. The food we eat. The clothes we wear. The things we use. The way we move. The spaces we share. The cities we build. How we play, teach learn and listen to each other. There is no way around it. There is no one else to do it. There is no Planet B. Let’s unite in Copenhagen and show that climate action can be a way of life. A way of innovating. A way of designing. A way of planning. Let’s find human solutions to global challenges. Let’s live like tomorrow.

#liveliketomorrow #thefuturewewant

Live Like Tomorrow is the Host City Festival as part of the C40 World Mayors Summit 2019 in Copenhagen. A climate festival for citizens, change makers, food activists, bike enthusiasts, social entrepreneurs, NGOs, and innovative companies. Cities and businesses can do a lot but we can only truly shape great urban life and reduce carbon emissions if we all start to “live like tomorrow”.

During four days of festival, from 9-12 October, Copenhagen city center will turn into a living lab of sustainable solutions with more than 90 events, talks, debates, and workshops on how we can all step up and start creating The Future We Want.

The program embraces a variety of events from Co-cooking by the mayors to a Youth Summit at the City Hall with more than 200 youth. Live Like Tomorrow will also be part of the Culture Night of Copenhagen with e.g. an exhibition at the City Hall. A Climate March will take place on Friday along with a Fix-it-booth for old clothes, and mayors will engage in collecting waste in kayaks by the harbor. Kids will be cycling for the future, clothes will be swapped, and shopping bags will be made of used fabrics. Just to mention some of the many highlights during the festival! All events will set off from:

The food we eat.

The way we move from a to b.

The water and the energy we use.

The houses we build and inhabit.

The spaces we share.

Discover the public program and join us for the Live Like Tomorrow host city festival with climate action as everyday choice!

About the venue

The Host City Festival Live Like Tomorrow will take place in the city center around the City Hall, BLOX, and the harbor. More than 90 events and activites will be happening during the four days of festival.