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25 Questions for Sustainable Cities

9 to 12th October – All day 

Format: Interactive installation to generate discussions and debate

During the C40 summit, you can find the installation “25 Questions for Sustainable Cities”, consisting of 25 digitally enhanced cones, in the city hall. Each cone is a polling station, inviting guests to share their opinions on cities and climate. Questions have been crafted by knowledge experts to highlight the most challenging and contentious issues facing cities’ senior decision makers. Answers are limited to “Agree” or “Disagree”, and this binary response provokes citizens to decide on an opinion, encouraging debate with friends and strangers.

Through responding anonymously, the installation lets citizens influence public policy and express their hopes and fears for the future of their city. Responses are recorded to provide a unique insight into real public opinion. The goal is to help return decision making back to citizens.

The installation is a collaboration between C40, Arup, Interactive Spaces Urban Studio, the City of Copenhagen and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

9:00-16:00 (Wednesday & Thursday)
9:00-00:00 (Friday)
Organisation Arup 
Location City Hall Contact person louise.christensen@arup.com
Participants Up to 100 More information 25questions.city/home
Registration None