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The Bicycle Library and Inspiration

The Bicycle Library and Inspiration for The Good City of Today/Tomorrow

Thursday 10th of October at 11:00-18:00

Format: Workshop

The NGO association Bicycle Innovation Lab is for the 8th year running the World´s first Bicycle Library and has created the exhibition The Good City. Members from Bicycle Innovation Lab will based on their experiences share insights about how to work with bike culture in a NGO, promoting the great potential bicycles can bring to urban climate-friendly mobility and The Good City. Find out about the Bicycle Library, try out a range of bicycles, get your own bike checked-up with “Dr. Bike” and try how the Bike Pitstop and do-it-together bicycle workshops operate.

See the specially curated Good City exhibition and lecture followed by “tour guides” who will give concentrated talks and offer examples and insights into how prioritizing cycling and bicycle infrastructure can transform a city – using Copenhagen as a role model.


Sponsor: Thanks to Realdania.

Time 11:00–18:00 Organisation Bicycle Innovation Lab
Location City Hall Square Contact person joe@bicycleinnovationlab.dk
Maximum number of participants: None More information bicycleinnovationlab.dk
Registration: None Sociale Media facebook.com/Bicycle.Innovation.Lab/ instagram.com/bicycleinnovationlab/