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Visit the Copenhagen Urban Honey Factory

Honey is something we make together: Visit the Copenhagen urban honey factory

Friday 11th October 15:00-22:00

Format: Installation, exhibition

If you could talk to the bees, what would you tell them?

Creating a sustainable climate starts with healing our ecosystems at a very local level. In the city it starts with the flowerbeds, parks and gardens that we share with other species and learn to love as urban citizens when we work, play, meet and relax.

When these spaces thrive, they offer us a phenomenal treasure: Honey. Each spoonful depends on attentive relationships between people, bees and flowers.

In this magical honey factory, you will be invited to imagine how you could communicate with the bees, so honey becomes something we make together.  Sound, taste, colour and touch all allow us to create actions that will help pollinating species flourish.

The factory is run by the Copenhagen social enterprise Bybi in collaboration with the ‘Sounds Delicious’ project at the University of Copenhagen.

This project is supported by Realdania


Time 15:00-22:00 Organisation Bybi
Location Vester Voldgade Contact person bzzz@bybi.dk
Maximum number of participants Groups of 8 at a time More information bybi.dk
Registration None Social Media facebook.com/Bybierne  instagram.com/bybi.dk