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C-40 Delegation visit to Energy City of Frederikshavn

Thursday 12th October 11:00-16:30

Format: Guided tour

A green maritime and onshore decommissioning plant: Modern American Recycling Service, a 280.000m2 recycling facility in Port of Frederikshavn. The vision is to set new European standards for decommissioning, recycling and waste management in the most modern EU approved recycling facility in Europe.

Converting organic waste to green energy: Gemidan, a food waste pre-treatment facility processing over 50.000-ton feedstock, including waste from homes, industry and business. Gemidan produces an “ultra-pure” substrate for conversion to biogas by local AD plants that is three times cleaner than is required under the stringent Danish regulations.

Sustainable shipping: Terntank, a shipping company that operates ten ice-classed tanker vessels in the Baltic Sea and North Sea. Terntank strive to be first movers for green technologies with ships equipped with engines, running on both LNG and diesel, and some of the most fuel-efficient in the industry.

Visit on Grenen, the famous northern part of Denmark.



Copenhagen – Aalborg, SAS departure 9.05 arrival 9.55

Aalborg – Copenhagen,SAS departure 18.10 arrival 19.00

Aalborg – Amsterdam,KLM departure 18.20 arrival 19.45



Aalborg – Frederikshavn. Estimate 50 minutes

Skagen – Aalborg. Estimate 1 hour 30 minutes


Time 11:00-16:30 Organisation Municipality of Frederikshavn 
Location Frederikshavn Contact person:  Frederikshavn Kommune, Poul Nielsen, +45 4032 4591
Maximum number of participants 25  More information Energycity.com 
Registration prni@frederikshavn.dk