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Textiles is the New Plastics in Circularity

Textiles is the new Plastics in Circularity – How Cities can Benefit from an Early Start

Friday 11th October 11:00-13:15 – Official C40 deep dive from 12:15-13:15

Format: Presentions and Workshop

Regulators in China and the EU are introducing new legislation about clothing waste and recycling. For instance, the recent EU Waste Directive requires EU Member States to set up schemes by 2025 to ensure textiles are collected as a separate waste stream. Local municipalities will play a pertinent role in this, as they will largely be responsible for executing the implementation of the schemes.

To help local munipalities prepare, this event will be action-oriented and divided into two sessions. The first session will present existing best practice cases from cities and fashion, who will share their experience in launching schemes for clothing and footwear collection, sorting, reuse and recycling – for local municipalities to benchmark from. The second session will invite all participants to engage in facilitated discussions around what local challenges cities are facing and what the solutions may look like.


Time 11:00-13:15 Organisation Global Fashion Agenda
Location BLOX LA, Fæstningens Materialgård, Frederiksholmskanal 30 A6  Contact person hnn@globalfashionagenda.com 
Maximum number of participants 50 More information globalfashionagenda.com
Registration Needed (Register here) Social media: Instagram / LinkedIn