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Master Class – City Industry Dialogue for Clean & Healthy Construction

Wednesday 9th October 9:00-11:40

Format: The session on Clean Construction will be structured around a master class in the morning and a market dialogue in the afternoon. There will be a mix of presentations and structured dialogue between private and public actors in the construction area focusing on construction materials and non-road mobile machineries.

The expected growth of urban population will drastically exacerbate the need for buildings and infrastructure, which already contribute close to 40% of the emissions causing climate change. The material used in construction and the machineries at the construction sites are both contributing to this emission and deteriorating the air quality.

The market dialogue will focus on how to achieve zero emission construction sites though green public procurement. In this process a dialogue between buyers and suppliers are essential as, cities can shape the demand, which the industry can meet. But both need to understand what each other need and what constraints they are faced with. This market dialogue will tackle the knowledge gap and start building the necessary dialogue to boost city-industry partnerships.

This session will seek to inspire professionals, representatives from municipalities and the public attending the C40 summit to raise the bar for professional procurement within construction. Introducing already implemented cases of clean construction, we will discuss how other cities can follow and what kind of materials and construction machineries are needed to reduce emissions.

In a climate crisis context, cities can and will work to reduce these emissions through strategies including public procurement, policy, planning and building controls. They will do it better in collaboration with the industry.


Note that in the afternoon (12:00-17:00) a market dialogue between cities and industry will be hosted at another venue. This market dialogue will focus on the transition to emission free materials and machineries used in construction. You can sign up for the marked dialogue here: https://podio.com/webforms/20758811/1426385?fields[event]=1206669845

Time 9:00-11:40 Organisation C40, Gate21, Innovation Norway, & EIT Climate-KIC
Location BLOXHUB, Arena. Bryghuspladsen 8, Entrance C, 3rd floor, 1473 København Contact person

C40 – Cécile Faraud, cfaraud@c40.org

Innovation Norway – Mariann Markseth Omholt, Mariann.Markseth.Omholt@innovationnorway.no

Gate21 – Signe Poulsen, Signe.poulsen@gate21.dk

EIT Climate-KIC – Isabella Frisch, Isabella.Hoffmann-Frisch@climate-kic.org

Maximum number of participants 50 More information Scandinavian Green Public Procurement Alliance
Registration Needed (Register here) Twitter: @ClimateKIC @CKICNordic

Instagram: Climatekicnordic