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Innovative sustainability solutions in the City of Lund

Saturday the 12th of October 10:00-15:00

Format: Demonstration/study visit

Welcome to Brunnshög, a part of the City of Lund, where up to 40 000 people will work and live in the future. Brunnshög is also where Europe has decided to place one of the world’s leading research facilities, the European Spallation Source ESS – a facility based on the world’s most powerful neutron source.

The ambition with developing  Brunnshög is to showcase technical and planning solutions for sustainability. When you visit, we will guide you through Brunnshög and introduce you to innovative sustainability solutions. One example is the design and construction of the world’s largest low temperature district heating system. In addition to heating houses, the low temperature network could be utilised in areas such as bus stops, town squares and along pedestrian and cycle paths, eliminating the need for snow removal and avoiding slippery surfaces.

The participants will be transported by bus from Copenhagen to Lund, about 50 minutes from Copenhagen. A total of approximately 4-5 hours (travel included) should be needed. E.g from 10:00 to 15:00 or similar.


Time 10:00-15:00 Organisation City of Lund
Location City of Lund (Sweden) Contact person Jessica Strömberg
Maximum number of participants 40 More information lund.se