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Building a Climate Neutral Circular City

Wednesday 9th October 9:00-12:00

Format: Workshop

The City of Copenhagen and the Danish Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs invite you to join a workshop on how Circular Economy can address global challenges from urbanization, climate change and resource depletion.

Cities are key in the transition to a climate neutral circular economy, and we need cities, governments and companies to collaborate on finding new and better solutions.

Together with front running companies, decision makers and experts you will be part of exploring how cities can support these new solutions, e.g around business opportunities, digital services contributing to less material use, smart product use, intelligent logistics etc. The workshop discussions and output will form the basis of an international innovation challenge later this year on Circular Economy in cities.

The session is arranged by the Danish Business Authority together with the Municipality of Copenhagen and other partners.


Time 9:00-12:00 Organisation The City of Copenhagen / The Danish Ministry of Industry
Location BLOX DAC-salen, Bryghusgade 10, 1473 København   Contact person marbje@erst.dk
Maximum number of participants 100 Registration Needed (Register here)