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Collective Environmental Behaviour

Collective Environmental Behaviour (Quentin Gausset, University of Copenhagen)

Wednesday 9. October 13:00-14:30

Format: Presentation and workshop

Preliminary research results show that the carbon footprint of people living in eco-communities is 40% below the Danish average. This is achieved through 1) collective green identity, 2) knowledge sharing, 3) social and physical infrastructures, and 4) everyday interactions with local governments that push the limits of local rules and regulations. Although the collective aspects of environmental behaviour are key to a fast sustainable transition, these aspects are currently widely ignored or overseen by policy makers.

Participants in this workshop will discuss how to create or promote local environmental communities. Based on concrete examples from their own city, participants will discuss how they can join forces with existing environmental communities, or how existing social groups (based on sports, housing, schooling, working, trading) can be made “greener” and become future allies for a sustainable transition.


Time 13:00-14:30 Organisation University of Copenhagen 
Location BLOXHUB, Arena. Bryghuspladsen 8, Entrance C, 3rd floor 1473 København Contact persons Quentin.gausset@anthro.ku.dk & laurent.morey@gmail.com
Maximum number of participants: 50 More information www.compass.ku.dk
Registration at C40collectivebehaviour@gmail.com