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A Maker Meet Up on Future Food Production

Re-Make the City: A Maker Meet Up on Future Food Production

Friday 11th October 21:30-23:00

Format: Talks and debate

With a growing world population, the ways we produce and consume food has to change. Growing cities demand smarter production and sustainable systems to feed us. At this Maker Meet Up we will look into the future of food production and ask what we will eat in the future, how our food is produced and explore existing and future solutions and trends. We have invited a number of speakers who are working to push the boundaries of urban and local food production, sustainable and responsible systems to present their ideas, and most importantly, to have a curious and speculative conversation on what we will put in our mouths in the future. The event is part of the Re-Make the City program at Underbroen that presents further talks, debates, as well as workshops and exhibitions throughout the evening.

This project is supported by Realdania

Time 21:30-23:00 Organisation Copenhagen Maker
Location Underbroen, Christians Brygge 31, 1219 CPH K Contact person info@cphmaker.dk  
Maximum number of participants 50 More information copenhagenmaker.com 
Registration None Facebook: facebook.com/copenhagenmaker