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Imagining a city free from freeways

Imagining a city free from freeways

Wednesday 9th October 16:00-19:00

Format: Design Charette

Cars have defined urban planning for decades. Cities around the world have carved up their urban fabric to accommodate car traffic, bringing consequences like pollution and fractured neighborhoods. As alternative transit gains more popularity, we still must face the car’s legacy on our urban landscapes. How can we transform old infrastructure into more livable spaces?

Copenhagen’s elevated six-lane expressway, Bispeengbuen, stands out among the city’s bike-centric infrastructure. Designed by Henning Larsen in the 1970s, it was built as a conduit into the city center. But half a century later, its future seems uncertain.

Using Bispeengbuen as a case study, we invite you to join fellow city officials, global industry leaders and academics in a design charrette exploring how old infrastructure can serve communities instead of cars. The evening will consist of networking sessions, a panel discussion, and review session.

Time 16:00-19:00 Organisation Henning Larsen
Location BLOX DAC, Bryghuspladsen 10, 1473 København K Contact person CPO@henninglarsen.com
Maximum number of participants 80-100 More information
Registration: Invitation needed – send an e-mail to CPO@henninglarsen.com