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Let’s Bring Play Back to the City

Let’s bring play back to the city – because playful social cities can change

Friday 11th October 15:00-22:00

Format: It is a user-participation demonstration of how play and fun is a perfect conversation starter and a get to know new people activity.

In a collaboration between Hubbster, Elverdal and PingOut we plan to setup one standard ping-pong table and one circular ping-pong table designed for playing round-the-table by multiple players.

In addition we put up some outdoor furniture in the same design as the ping-pong tables for people to hangout around the play-zone.

We will organize an inclusive ping-pong tournaments with an occasional ping-pong star and invite other groups to organize playout and tournaments mixing Copenhagen casual players with C40 guests.


Time 15:00-22:00 Organisation Hubbster
Location Vester Voldgade Contact person soren@hubbster.dk
Maximum number of participants None More information www.hubbster.dk instagram.com/hubbsterplay/
Registration None Social Media facebook.com/hubbster.play