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Green Justice in The City

Green justice in the city – Inclusive Urban Space Planning (Case: Folkets Park)

Friday 11 October 2019 9:00-11:00

Format: Talk and debate

An engaging rich story, small group discussion and debate on how processes can be meaningfully inclusive as we deconstruct business-as-usual planning practice and habits. Lessons emerge that are practical and immediately applicable – yet that also draw attention to multiple scales of action so necessary in our cities today.

We constantly need to develop our public spaces for community building and for climate change resilience. But how? When we regenerate our public spaces, who are recognized as legitimate voices in these interventions, and how do marginalised people fit it? We need to be better at understanding the needs of different groups, better at engaging with critical yet compassionate perspectives, and better at foregrounding typically excluded needs and desires, in a way that creates a mutual understanding and acceptance.
A talk and debate about how to create truly inclusive public spaces. Focusing on urban green spaces – so prominent in and critical to urban planning today – we tell the story of a small park, The People’s Park (Folkets Park at Nørrebro), in Copenhagen – and highlight the valuable lessons it offers to urban planners and municipal power-players around the world.





Time 9:00-11:00 Organisation Kenneth Balfelt / University of Copenhagen
Location BLOX DDC, Bryghuspladsen 8, BLOX, Indgang C, 2. sal, 1473 København K Contact person kenneth@kennethbalfelt.org
Maximum number of participants 70 More information kennethbalfelt.org/folkets-park
Registration: Get tickets here (free)