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Guided Tour in the Botanical Garden

Tuesday the 8th of October 15.00-16.30 (ENGLISH)
Wednesday the 9th of October 15.00-16.30 (ENGLISH)

Wednesday the 9th of October 16.00-17.30 (DANISH)
Thursday the 10th of October 16.00-17.30 (DANISH)

Format: Guided tour

Plants are a vital part of the world’s biological diversity and an essential resource for the planet. Plants maintain the Earth’s environmental balance and ecosystem stability as well as providing habitats for the world’s animal life. Furthermore thousands of wild plants have great economic and cultural importance, providing food, medicine, fuel, clothing and shelter around the world.
The Botanical Garden in Copenhagen, part of The Natural History Museum of Denmark, holds the largest Danish collection of living plants. The collections are supporting research into biodiversity and sustainability and contributing to conservation of plants and fungi, both nationally and globally.

At this guided tour you will experience the outdoor garden collections and the greenhouses with tropical and subtropical plant collections. You will also get to see some of the gardens special collections with endangered plant species. Note: registration via link necessary.



Time Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday  Organisation University of Copenhagen
Location The main entrance to the Botanical Garden (Gothersgade 128, 1123 København K) Contact person rundvisning@snm.ku.dk
Maximum number of participants 25 pr. tour More information snm.ku.dk/english/activities/c40/
Registration necessary