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Green Like Tomorrow

Friday 11th October 15:00-22:00

Format: Debate, demonstration and talks

Green Like Tomorrow will give an insight into city nature projects and the work that we do on creating, developing and using ecosystems in the city of Copenhagen, based on existing city nature, urban farming and neighborhood collaboration. We will show examples based on neighborhoods such as Inner city with green facades and green backyards. In The Grow Your City tent you can learn about Grønttorvet and Ørestad, were urban farming is set to become central in the new livability and sustainability models for the city – in a collaboration between private and public agencies, developers, architects and landscape architects. In other tents you can here about the international project Impact Farm – CPH to Harlem and about the ideas of reopening A Lake in the city (Ladegårds Å) and talk to nature friends and City Nature Network and projects. In other tents you can hear about the plans for a large nature park in the area of Nordhavn – the northern harbor, and local projects about sharing fabric bags to cut down plastic consumption and pollution in the city.

Debate tent

  • How do we get more people to know about and visit the city nature and participate in maintaining it?
  • How can we increase ownership and appropriation toward city nature, greening neighborhoods, urban farming, and experiential learning?
  • How can city nature and urban farming be integrated in the way that we develop areas in the city – togather with citizens, restaurants, micro-business and researchers?
  • And why do we need people to participate in Nature in the City?

Time 15:00-22:00 Organisation Miljøpunkterne in Copenhagen, Growing Pathways, NaTur i Byen Netværk, EVM Landskab, FB-Gruppen/Grønttorvet, Aalborg Universitet i Sydhavnen, Bygaard, Nordhavns Naturvenner etc.
Location Vester Voldgade Contact person miljopunkt@a21.dk
Maximum number of participants No limits More information danmarkformaalene.dk/temaer a21.dk/  naturibyen.com, miljoe-noerrebro.dk/, www.miljopunkt-osterbro.dk, www.miljopunkt-amager.dk, https://nordhavns-naturvenner.dk/
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