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Opening Debate: Will Cities Get the Job Done?

Wednesday 9th October 15:30-16:45

Format: public event, panel discussion

Join the citizen kick-off of Mayors Summit and Live Like Tomorrow festival.

Politiken, The City of Copenhagen and and C40 invite the citizens of Copenhagen to the opening debate of the C40 Mayors Summit and the Live Like Tomorrow citizen festival. The 94+ C40 mayors represent 700+ million citizens and one quarter of the global economy. But what does C40 actually do?

We have invited a key group of mayors, change makers and experts and we will ask them to set the stage for both the Mayors Summit and the Live Like Tomorrow Festival by asking them: Which agendas are going to shape the next four days in Copenhagen? What are the most pressing issues of the on the international climate agenda? And what role does cities play in this?

If you are a curious and engaged citizen, come join us and find out more about cities role in the global and very local issue of climate change.

Speakers: Lord Mayor Frank Jensen (Copenhagen), Mark Watts (C40), Kate Raworth (economist), Jesper Nygård (Realdania)

Moderator/host: Michael Jarlner, International editor (Politiken)


Time 15:30-16:45 Organisation Politiken & City of Copenhagen 
Location City Hall, Banquet Hall (2. Floor) Contact person Lise Ring, lise.ring@pol.dk
Maximum number of participants 230 More information politiken.dk
Registration Needed (Register here) Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/238724527048251/