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What’s for Dinner? Cooking up Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Friday, 11 October 19:00-20.00

Format: Cooking show and panel discussion

3 mayors and 2 chefs give the audience a taste of local traditions and cultural challenges in inspiring people adapt to a more climate friendly diet in different parts of the world.

The current global food system is out of balance. Under-consumption of fruits and vegetables, nuts, and legumes and over-consumption of red meat, dairy and ultra-processed food are associated with numerous chronic illnesses. Our diets are not just hurting our health but also our planet. Research shows that without substantial changes the food sector’s emissions are currently set to increase by 38% by 2050 as the world’s urban population grows.

The good news is: There’s something we can do about it! Eating food that is good for you and good for the planet is delicious and easy. Come join local chefs and international mayors as they cook up fun and inexpensive meals while they talk about how chefs and cities are responding to the challenge of transforming urban food systems.

Moderator/host: Michael Jarlner, International Editor, Politiken


  • Anna König Jerlmyr, Mayor of Stockholm
  • Franciska Rosenkilde, Mayor of Culture and Leisure, Copenhagen
  • Jorge Muñoz Wells, Mayor of Lima


  • Christian F. Puglisi
  • Matthew Orlando

Time 19:00-20.00 Organisation Politiken, City of Copenhagen & C40
Location Rainbow Square, close to City Hall  Contact person Lise Ring, lise.ring@pol.dk
Maximum number of participants 200  More information politiken.dk
Registration Open event – no sign-up Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/475343006529649/