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Urban Resilience: Building Capacity for Operationalization

Thursday the 10th October 9:00-11:00

Format: Debate

The event is an opportunity to reflect and discuss on the urban resilience challenges and the need to build capacities for its operationalization.

The presentations and debate will draw on the outcomes of BLOXHUB Summer School on Urban Resilience (12-19 September) during which 30 practitioners, policy makers and researchers from 20 countries in collaboration with 30+ international lectures, elaborated proposals responding to a climate real-life challenge conceived in collaboration with the City of Copenhagen.

The strategy and actions proposed for the City of Copenhagen will be based on an integrated approach fostering the generation of co-benefits through the use of eco-system services and nature-based solutions.

The event will also serve to present and discuss the preliminary results of research aiming at identifying key knowledge gaps, capacity building needs and operationalization barriers and opportunities for urban resilience.


Time 9:00-11:00 Organisation SDU
Location BLOXHUB, Fæstningens Materialgård, LA. Frederiksholms Kanal 30, 1220 København. Contact person tek-ura@iti.sdu.dk
Maximum number of participants 60 More information bloxhub.org
Registration here Social Media: Linkedin Facebook