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Sustainable Cruise Tourism

Thursday 10th October 14:15-15:15

Format: Panel discussion

Cruise tourism helps to create growth and employment in the cities, but the ships are also emitters of health harming substances and climate gases. CEO Barbara Scheel Agersnap of Copenhagen Malmö Port will host the session and based on a new study she will review best practice in relation to the process of reducing emissions from cruise ships in Copenhagen Port. Faig Abbasov from the Brussels based organization Transport & Environment will identify the challenges that the cruise industry needs to overcome to become more sustainable.

As a cross country industry, actions on cruise related challenges are solved more efficiently through a joint effort. The Danish Minister of Environment, Lea Wermelin, will talk about the importance of international cooperation (to be confirmed), after which the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen, will discuss, with the mayors of Oslo and Helsinki, how the cities can work together to reduce the environmental impact of the cruise ships in the cities.



Time 14:15-15:15 Organisation Copenhagen Malmö Port 
Location BLOX DAC, Bryghuspladsen 10, 1473 København K Contact person alexander.adamsen@cmport.com / B47R@kk.dk
Registration None