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Veras Clothing Swap

Friday the 11th October 15:00-22:00

Format: Clothing swapping event

Want a responsible and fashionable wardrobe where you give back to nature and where you can shop more while wasting less?

Veras is Denmark’s biggest circular wardrobe for you to ensure a sustainable future where you use your garments more and buy less new. Veras is the easiest clothing swap concept, where women can exchange their clothes for points which can be used on new used clothes in stores and online. You’ll get the points up front for everything you handle in and can shop right away.
All items are quality
At the C40 event you can exchange 3 items for free and buy new clothes for your points on the spot. Normally you can exchange unlimited – and you pay 99,- pr. month for 20 swaps or 10,- pr. swap. Veras’ selection of clothes, shoes and accessories are handpicked from the Copenhageners’ private wardrobes and offers a wide range of colorful, unique styles from vintage pieces, trendy high street and luxurious brands. Through the sharing economy Veras helps minimize clothing waste, reduce CO2 and make the world greener.


Time 15:00-22:00 Organisation Veras
Location Vester Voldgade Contact person contact@verasvintage.dk. Store located at Studiestræde 27 Copenhagen K
or Pogestræde 22 Odense.
Participants No maximum More information verasvintage.dk
Registration None Instagram verasvintagedk