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Why Urban Development Prevents Us from Living Sustainably

DAC Debate: Why Urban Development Prevents Us from Living Sustainably – and How We Can Change It

Friday 11th October 12:15-13:15

Format: Debate

The city’s design is making it difficult to live in a sustainable way. Every day good intentions and significant potential for sustainability is lost. How do we promote architecture and urban planning that releases sustainability rather than preventing it? And who’s job is it?

Urban development is booming. That is good – the city is key in the transition to sustainability. But in the rapid development of our cities, we tend to forget what made the city an attractive place in the first place and a base for sustainable living. Car traffic is, despite attempts of the opposite, still growing, urban spaces are challenged by increasingly taller buildings, and the urban spaces where we meet are sacrificed to increase profits from property development. We work at offices and live in apartments that do not really meet our needs, designed in ways that makes us spend unnecessary many resources – energy, space and goods.

Time 12:15-13:15 Organisation DANISH ARCHITECTURE CENTER
Location BLOX DAC-salen, Bryghusgade 10, 1473 København   Contact person Anne Katrine Harders, Senior Project Manager at DANISH ARCHITECTURE CENTER
Maximum number of participants 224 audience Registration Get tickets here